About me…

Born and educated in Genoa, Italy I developed a love for the arts at a very young age. Italy, a country that has contributed so much to the arts worldwide, gave me a sense of the artistic patrimony and the fundamentals for what I wanted to do and become in my life.  

I am an artist and art instructor. I continued my art education in Boston at the Vesper George School of Art. I have received numerous awards for my paintings and painted ceramic pieces. In 1998 I founded the Arts Institute Group of the Merrimack Valley, it was a success as I put my heart and soul to achieve it. I am now retired from the board. With my leadership, the group promoted both visual and performing arts in the community by organizing many exhibits, performances, workshops, and demonstrations.

As an instructor, I have worked for the City of Lawrence, MA, City of Andover, Northern Essex Community College, MA. I had the privilege to be a judge for many organizations such as the Andovers’ Artist Guild, The Snow Show-Greater Derry Council, as well as promoted State and local arts events. I held office in local organizations, always willing to give of my time to promote the Arts.

My Art does not belong to me, I belong to my Art.” Ever since I can remember, painting or creating through the various mediums has been my way of life as an artist.   I want to take the viewer into a special place: if it is a landscape, for them to be there; if it is a portrait, to feel that one has the real person next to them; if it is a floral, to sense the fragrance.

Please enjoy what I present to you. Just remember these paintings are part of me, done in tune with nature, my soul, my heart and my skills as a painter.

As a cancer survivor, I am very grateful to be able to continue to create and realize my dreams and endeavors.           

My passion, besides the fine arts, are teaching the Italian Language – that includes private tutoring and Photography.

Arts! Food for the Soul!!!


Please Note: My website is under construction. I am working on gathering my information from a previous website I had. In the Meantime…excuse the appearance. 


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